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We Are The Mechanized Tree Removal Specialists in the Minneapolis- St. Paul Metropolitan Region. Our Tree-Mek brings you the latest innovation for professional and safe tree removal with virtually no intrusions to your (or your neighbor’s) property.

We take pride in maintaining a clean work area and are respectful of you and your property.

Send us a request for service or call to discuss your tree removal needs.

Call 612-724-6125

Hiawatha Tree Services is fully insured and licensed for Tree Service in the communities in which it does business.

Hiawatha Tree Services Inc. is a member of the Tree Care Industry and Ben Heller is a member of the International Society of  Arboriculture, the Minnesota Society of Arboriculture, and the Society of Commercial Arborists.

With this experience and these resources, you can depend on Hiawatha Tree Services to complete your tree removal to your satisfaction.


Owner, Ben Heller