Frequently Asked Questions

crane treesWhy should I spend money on my small trees, shouldn’t I wait until they are bigger to save money?

You will save money in the long run to begin pruning when your trees are small, and it won’t cost you as much as you might think to care for your small trees. Think of it as preventive medicine. Small problems are more easily and economically dealt with now than when they get bigger later. Many of our landscape trees now are hybrids and cultivars of proven tree species. As a result, many of these trees exhibit poor growth habits and bad form, thus increasing the need to conduct periodic structural pruning. It is always better to remove a branch when it is less than two inches in diameter than when it has grown to a larger diameter.

Why should I hire a professional to prune my small tree? I have my own chainsaw or lopper?

When you hire a licensed professional you benefit from years of training and experience in caring for trees and plants. A licensed tree care professional has the knowledge and experience to determine which branches should be removed and which ones should remain with the tree.

Won’t my tree grow correctly on its own?

If it is growing in the forest, it will probably grow very well. If it is in your yard or in an urban setting, it most likely will need at least some care to influence its growth in order to produce a structurally solid and aesthetically pleasing tree. Not to mention the considerations for growing around other trees, buildings, sidewalks, streets driveways and overhead wires.


Hiawatha Tree Services is owned and operated by Ben and Melissa Heller. Since childhood, Ben has been involved with trees. For the past 14 years, Ben has been doing tree care full time. Ben is an ISA Certified Arborist, a member of the Minnesota Society of Arboriculture, and a member of the International Society of Arboriculture.

Hiawatha Tree Services is fully insured and licensed for Tree Service in the communities in which it does business.

With this experience and resources, you can depend on Hiawatha Tree Services to complete whatever job you have to 110% satisfaction.