Our Tree Care Services


  •  Mechanized Tree Removal Specialists
  • Dead and Hazard Tree Removal
    Trees killed by Emerald Ash Borer
    Trees killed by Dutch Elm Disease
  • Emergency Tree Removal- Storm/Wind Damage


  • Mechanized Tree Removal Specialist in Urban Setting
  • Construction Site Tree Removals
  • Emergency Tree Removal-Storm/Wind Damage
  • Contract Tree-Mek work for removals


  • Mechanized Tree Removal Specialist in Urban Setting
  • Ash Tree Removal in Quantity (Contract)
  • Storm Clean-Up and Hauling (Truck Mounted Log Loaders and other equipment)
  • Street/City Owned Tree Removals

Service Area

Hiawatha Tree Services Is Located in South Minneapolis .  We will provide service throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan region, however, our main service area is Minneapolis and the near suburbs to the North, West and South of Minneapolis.  For your protection, we carry full insurance coverage and maintain licenses in the communities we serve (although some cities do not have a licensing program).

Hiawatha Tree Services Inc. is a member of the Tree Care Industry and Ben Heller is a member of the International Society of  Arboriculture, the Minnesota Society of Arboriculture, and the Society of Commercial Arborists.